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Case Studies

Marbella Tourism: new website Marbella Exclusive
  • Introduction

Faced with the challenge to make a website for one of the most important tourist destinations of the world, we started this work as something that had to be more than just a website.

It was made to express one concept.

It was made to value the expression of a brand.




Exclusive Marbella is what the tourist and visitors expect to find:

Vanguard, glamorous, offering spectacular and a huge overall quality and great support.

  • Overview

This is not the website of a city. This is a site of a unique destination in the world.

For this very reason, the address (URL) is to reinforce the concept of Marbella as a unique place and a great exponent of the brandmark.

The site reflects what is Marbella as a tourist destination from all viewpoints, so it is an exceptionally visual page.

In all sections of the website, pictures of Marbella are always present, so that wherever you are, you will be "seeing" Marbella.

And all this has been made keeping in mind the visitor of the website.

The goal is that the user ends by saying "I want to be there".

  • Construction of the Site

Marbella is shown to visitors from several approaches:

  • Conceptual: Experience Marbella

Brief overview of each of the relevant aspects of Marbella: hotels / Beaches / Golf / Shopping / Restaurants / Sports / Boating / Health / Nature / Culture ...

  • Practical:

* Discover Marbella: History / features / practical information.

* Plan your visit: Directory of all the tourist areas.

* Booking online (in progress)

  • Information: Agenda and News

* With all the events held and to be held in Marbella.

* With the news more relevant to the tourism sector.

  • Visual: Visual Marbella

* With pictures of all the tourist areas of Marbella.

* Videos of events, reports, etc.

  • Web 2.0:

A leading web has to keep pace with regard to interactivity with visitors.

The new website offers links to social networks where Marbella Tourism has already created a profile: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.
Professionals and individuals who wish may subscribe to both the RSS and the Exclusive Marbella Newsletter to receive the latest news and city news.
But above all, have the Meeting Point section, which will be the place where anyone who wants to be able to upload videos, photos and feedback on their experience in Marbella.

  • Access to professionals

The high activity of the tourism sector requires the availability of a specific area for professionals.
In this section, companies and professionals who wish to register will have access to reports and documents relating to tourism in Marbella.

  • Summarizing

Exclusive Marbella is a leading web, made for a unique destination like Marbella, a world reference, reaching a balance between the emotional and the rational, to demonstrate that there is a Marbella for each person.




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