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Case Studies

Website & Online Mk - Alanda Homes
  • The company:


Alanda Group is a subsidiary of the Irish group Mc Inerney, whose division Alanda Homes is very active in real estate  development on the Costa del Sol.

In general, Alanda Homes developments are second home of a very high standard, with a unique design, aimed at an audience of high purchasing power, mostly British and European.

Likewise, the division Alanda Estates offers a wide range of properties along the coast, supplementing the offer of the developer.

Alanda Homes's website was very commercially oriented but was not giving the image of luxury and exclusivity of the products it sells.

  • Objectives:


To develop a web that, without losing the commercial strength in attracting potential customers, would provide an image consistent with the type of properties sold by Alanda, with a "look & feel" of exclusivity and solidity.

To enlarge, order and highlight the contents of the business and corporate part of the group, especially Mc Inerney.

On the other hand, to optimize the online marketing, to increase the visits to the site and the achievement of leads.

  • Result:


Development of a new Website programmed in HTML, at the forefront in the webs of developers, with an image of luxury and exclusivity, with high-friendliness to visitors as well as easy navigability.

Implementation of a strategy for online marketing, with actions that have achieved excellent positioning of the site in serarch engines, with SEO positioning, presence in real estate portals, backlinks, PPC positioning and other activities that have increased the number of visits to the Website and have kept the number of leads of potential customers at a time of recession in the market.

Close monitoring of results and great agility in decision-making in the constant improvement of the website and in the marketing strategy.









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