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Web audit

Today, practically all companies have a web site which is more or less developed.

However, many of these webs have not been developed according to specific objetives and, with the passing of time, these have changed, which is why they are not adapted to the needs of the brand.

In order to ascertain the state of health of the web and its adaptation to current brand objectives, we at Activ Marketing have an exclusive methodology of evaluation which we call “Ten out of Ten” (10/10), consisting of submitting to the web site ten criteria, which we consider to be basic to the success of the objectives laid outt.

The criteria used for each web site, or better, for each sector in the ones we assess a web vary on the basis of its own sector, of the potential visitors to the site and the principal objective pursued.

Criteria 10/10

    Planning appropriate to the objectives.
    Speed of download.
    Content adapted to expectations.
    Quality, organization and updating of information.
    Interactivity with the user.
    Registration and identification of leads.
    Visibility on the Internet (SEO positioning).
    Additional services.

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