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Relational Marketing

With relational marketing, we can provide personalized dealings with and individualized messaging to potential clients, which optimize the capturing of interested individuals and the conversion of products to sales.

In addition, companies frequently overlook their regular clients because they consider them to be already ‘captive’. Relational Marketing activities help you to get the most out of and increase the advantages for regular clients and with much less effort than for a new clientt..


Just one item of information: The cost of retaining a client is usually up to 7 times less than the cost of getting a new one which is why client fidelity programmes are absolutely vital for companies.

These actions are always measurable, which is why you can introduce remedial factors on the basis of the results obtained to, thereby, achieve a better and more certain return on investment (ROI).

Relational Marketing Services

  • Auditing and diagnosis of the activity of capturing and retaining /loyalty programme of the company.

  • Development of contact and follow-up strategies for capturing potential clients.

  • Segmentation techniques of potential clients, more akin to the brand and more inclined towards the purchase.

  • Development of loyalty strategies for existing clients:
    · client retention
    · repeat purchase

  • Design and development of software applications for the registration and administration of leads and existing clients.

  • Design and development of marketing and CRM databases.

  • Data protection legal consultancy.

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