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Our vocation

We aim to become active collaborators with companies that need support, advice about or development of marketing activities, communication and Public Relations, both in general and in specific areas and projects.

Propose and develop
 Marketing plans
Cover the general requirements of MK
Support and develop specific projects
Complement aspects of performance

We perform as an extension of the marketing dept of companies.
  • We collaborate with other departments (Sales Dept) if  there is no marketing or it has not been sufficiently developed.
  • We do ‘externalize’ but are totally integrated in terms of  the functions, problems and activities of the company. .

General Management
Technical Dpt
Finance Dpt
Sales Dpt

Marketing Dpt
Other departments

We act like an external marketing department but as if it were within your organization.

We become a  collaborative partner, expert in  marketing, advertising, new technology and relational marketing.

We achieve much more than agencies, as we search for and find the solution to all your company’s marketing needs.

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