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Our vision of Marketing

The consumer is no longer content to have just “what there is in the market”. He/She wants the brands and products that meet their specific needs.
Consumer orientation
MK activity must revolve around the needs and demands of the consumer / client.
The consumer is exposed to more advertising than in the past, and it is also more interactive, less intrusive, and more tailored to consumers.
Use of new
Use of new forms of contact, new forms of communication: Internet, Mobile Marketing, TV interactive, etc
Consumers are not all the same which means that that we cannot communicate or deal with them all in the same way.
Strategic Planning
Application of Differential marketing, developing forms of communication and messaging adapted to each type of consumer.
Each category of consumer has his or her own behaviour patterns which leaves them exposed and more receptive to different marketing activities at different times.
All-embracing activities
Development of a strategy of all-embracing media tailored to the target public and the proposed objectives.
Consumers want brands adapted to their needs, not their needs adapted to brands.

What we as humans most appreciate is being told what we expect to hear and being treated in the way we deserve to be.

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