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Online Marketing

Internet and the new technologies, as well as communication in these media, are moving forward at a dizzy rate. It is all to easy to fall behind.

Until a few years ago (months) having a web site was enough to exist on the Internet. Today that is just part of the story. It is necessary but it is in no way sufficient.

Furthermore, the webs that were set up just a few years ago to achieve specific objectives are today obsolete as a result of the structure of the web site itself and because of the change of objectives

Marketing on the Internet and new technologies in general (mobile marketing, interactive TV etc.) now opens up enormous communication opportunities, bringing together clients, potential and real, and the activity is not reduced to a simple web site but is much more extensive than that.

Interactive Marketing Services

  • Auditing and diagnosis of web sites and online and interactive marketing activity.

  • Proposal, design and development of corporate websites involving the latest Internet (Web 2.0, RSS, blogs, etc) advances.

  • Development of interactive marketing plans with:
    · Optimization of natural positioning on search engines (SEO)
    · Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    · Backlinks
    · Online Advertising (banners, affiliation networks)
    · E-mailings
    · Mobile Marketing, use of videos, etc.

  • Development of tailor-made, web-related computer applications for administering contacts, clients, reservation and on-line purchases, always connected to the corporate web and points of sale.

  • Proposal and development of follow-up techniques in the case of potential clients.

  • Ongoing measurement of results to optimize return on investment.

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